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20. December 2011

AGT Group Germany and Scheer Management GmbH strengthen the Software-Cluster

AGT Group Germany and Scheer Management GmbH are new partners in the Software-Cluster research projects since October 31st, 2011. As examples of an international company locating in the Software-Cluster and a fast-growing start-up both enterprises also stand for the growth of the Cluster.

Through the signing of the cooperation agreement on 31 October 2011 two new partners have now joined officially the research projects in the Software-Cluster: AGT Group Germany with its office in Darmstadt as well as Scheer Management GmbH from Saarbrücken. Both companies bring their competences into the project "Innovative services in the future Internet" where a platform for providing and running services in the Internet of Services is created. Both companies will also be involved in the following new projects. „Both companies that are now increasingly involved in the Software-Cluster projects, stand exemplarily also for the growth of the Cluster itself", says Cluster Manager Gino Brunetti. "A fast growing start-up like Scheer Management GmbH and the research centre of an internationally renowned corporation such as AGT locating within the cluster region are both also success stories of the Software-Cluster."


AGT Group Germany is the newest member of AGT International group, one of the fastest growing providers of safety solutions world-wide. Headquartered in Zurich, AGT International is working with advanced technology systems and provides solutions for sensitive areas such as urban management, public safety and security.


Early in 2011 the newest R&D Centre was founded by AGT International in Darmstadt. Professor Dr. Lutz Heuser, President of the Software-Cluster, who is also CEO of AGT Germany and CTO of AGT International, says: „A key reason for locating in Darmstadt and establishing the research centre here is the proximity to the research institutes and the qualified IT experts within the Software-Cluster. For this reason the region has a great appeal to the best talent in the industry. In the future AGT Germany will increasingly contribute to the Software-Cluster, its networks and Living Labs, while benefiting from the know-how and highly skilled graduates in the cluster region. We recruit top talent to develop solutions in the areas of crisis prevention, information technology, cyber security, urban planning and environmental protection."


As a new partner also Scheer Management GmbH becomes committed in the Software-Cluster from now on. Scheer Management GmbH offers its clients independent consultation in the field of corporate strategy, holistic organizational development, IT management and innovative industry solutions. The start-up is a partner in the network of Scheer Group GmbH that bundles the business activities of Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. August-Wilhelm Scheer. Professor Scheer is also member of the strategy board of the Software-Cluster. „Innovation results today from co-operation across company borders. The Scheer Management GmbH as young, innovative enterprise will from now on contribute its part to the development of the fundamentals of the enterprise software of tomorrow in the Software-Cluster", adds August-Wilhelm Scheer. In the context of the Software-Cluster projects Scheer Management GmbH will develop new methods for the development and integration of services in company-wide cloud environments.


The enterprise software of tomorrow for the "digital enterprise" across industries worldwide will be developed until 2015 in the Software-Cluster around the centres of software development Darmstadt, Karlsruhe, Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken and Walldorf. The Software-Cluster researches enterprise software as an "operating system" for any company – whether suppliers or artisans, small entrepreneurs or world market leaders. The Federal Government supports this aim by distinguishing the Software-Cluster as "Leading-Edge-Cluster" and providing funding of up to 40 million Euros until 2015; another 40 million Euros will be contributed by the partners.


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