18. November 2010

Truffle Capital: The region of the Software-Cluster is still in the fore

Brussels and Darmstadt - Truffle Capital, the prominent European private equity firm, today published the second edition of its study "Truffle 100 European Clusters", a ranking list of the Top 40 regions of the European software industry. According to this evaluation list, enterprises of the German Software-Cluster obtained 40% of the world-wide profit of the 100 prominent European software providers. The study expressly emphasizes the role of the Software-Cluster region, which maintained its position as the European "Silicon Valley".

Southeast England has been named on the second position and the region Paris at the third position. This listing is based on the "Truffle 100 Europe" study, which has been carried out in 2009 with the support of the European commissioner for information society and media, Neelie Kroes and in the coorporation with the research houses IDC (www.idc.com) and CXP (www.cxp.fr).


The ranking of the Truffle Cluster was presented at the shared press conference of Truffle and Software AG in Brussels with the support of Rainer Zimmermann, European Commission, Gino Brunetti, cluster manager of the German Software-Cluster, and Sylvain Dorschner, Systematic Paris Region Systems & ICT Cluster. For the ranking please visit http://www.truffle100.com/2010/software-clusters-in-europe.php


"We have made an enormous progress in further strengthening the Software-Cluster as an important force in the industrial policy", explained Karl-Heinz Streibich, chairman of the managing board of Software AG. "Our cluster activities are supported and taken positively by the policy of both the federal and state level in Germany. An investment volume of 80 million euros for the development of new promising software technologies in the region is the result of these efforts. An increasing international acknowledgement of the German Software-Cluster helps us to advance our initiatives."


According to Bernard-Louis Roques, co-founder of the Truffle Capital, such political promotion is by no means to be found constant in Europe: "The study 'Truffle 100 European Clusters' shows what kind of enormous challenges the Europeans are facing when it comes to the development of technology clusters, which are then competitive on the international level and can emulate such clusters as the Silicon Valley or the Boston Region. Only five regions in Europe can achieve sales of over a billion Euro: one in Germany (the region in the southwest of Germany with the Software-Cluster), three in Great Britain (southeast England including London, northeast England and east England) and one in the France (Ile de France including Paris).


Whereas the German Software-Cluster could maintain its leading position due to the two largest international software providers SAP AG and Software AG, southeast England succeeded to secure the 2nd position in the ranking and hence could catch up with the Software-Cluster.


This dynamic region owes this impressing achievement to the different international flagship offerers, with Sage, Autonomy, Misys and Microfocus leading the way. They have followed the acquisition and international expansion path aggressively. The region Paris is still one of the most important technology centers of Europe, however has dropped back to the 3rd position.


The fact, that at the present the maintenance of the advancement program of innovative enterprises in the French parliament is disputed and innovation-oriented equity funds are loaded with new constraints, should be a warning signal for the French government and induce it to a direction change towards more substantial innovative politics for the industry", explained Bernard-Louis Roques.


"Truffle 100 France" was brought into being in 2005 by Truffle Capital and Bernard-Louis Roques. The sixth edition of this ranking list, which has become a standard of comparison for the French software industry, appeared in April 2010. "Truffle 100 Europe" is being published since 2006 and is also acknowledged on European level as an important index for the condition of the industry. Truffle Capital now published the second edition of the study "Truffle 100 European Clusters". Based on the data of the published report in 2009, "Truffle 100 Europe" is the first study, which depicts European regions that are prominent in the software industry.


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